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i love the little girls watching her in amazement





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yllwbrrd asked:

i'm white. does that make me bad?

afro-dominicano answered:






p much

Why do white people ask questions like this?  Whenever I get this question, or the thematically similar “Do you hate white people” I just answer with “yes”.

Because that’s the only answer they want to hear.

In context, it makes sense. To a lot of white people, being black IS bad. You can see this evident when a white person tells a black person that they’re “one of the good ones.”

Whites allow for nuances in character for their own race. Rarely are white people grouped into “good” and “bad” categories. You can be a white person who is mostly good, then makes a terrible, terrible decision, but your lifetime of goodness mitigates that bad decision. In other words, white people accept that other white people are complicated and people are the sum of their choices, not merely a reflection of a “good” or “bad” moment.

But Whites LOVE to categorize Blacks as “good” and “bad.” You just have to look at the coverage of Trayvon Martin to see that the fact that he was arrested for smoking pot clearly put him in the “bad” camp right away. After that, Martin’s death was framed as him being the “bad” guy and Zimmerman was helpless but to defend himself.

So, when white people ask “I’m white. Does that make me bad?” what they are REALLY saying is, “I’m white. Are you going to hold me to same simplistic, binary judgement system I hold you to?”

Bolding for truth







Yesterday after my rant on appreciating black history and beauty I told my cousin that we would be going to the library to read about it.

It was not a joke, nor a threat.

Before he picked his book I sat down and had a one-on-one talk with him about the importance of learning our history. At first he was resistant (he hates reading).

But after a while all he could do was smile and he told me that he loved me for making him learn what no one else will.

My heart jumped for joy.

that’s awesome of you.

Thank you
When we got back home he was so excited he couldn’t stop talking about it. I was smiling so hard lol

start em young!


i firmly believe that most of the black kids that hate reading just need to be given the right books

the books that matter to them